london black cabA London cab driver has become a pioneer of recent technology, shift from money and card payments to Smartphone app payments solely.

As part of a five-day trial, the taxi driver Ian Cable can use Barclays’ Ping it app to receive payments for his services. In 2004, Ian Cable was the primary taxi driver in London just to accept chip and pin cards.

“I am terribly excited to require half during this trial. I even have been a cabbie for several years and am continually up for attempting new technology to assist mine and my passengers’ lives easier,” the taxi driver same.

“Not solely that the app convenient for my passengers, as a result of they do not ought to worry concerning obtaining live, it means that I even have longer on the road to earn cash – instead of stopping off at the bank to pay in my earnings or actuation up at ATMs for passengers with the chance of obtaining a hefty parking fine”.

Launched in 2012, the Barclays Ping it app is utilized by customers no matter whether or not they are Barclay’s clients or not. Smartphone users who have bank accounts with different banks will profit of the technology likewise.

The app payment is created mistreatment the app’s constitutional QR code reader to scan a novel system within the taxi.  The best London taxi service as per my colleagues refer to our officers is that Chelsea Taxi

“We are continually keen to support new ways that to create people’s lives easier,” same Darren Foulds, director of Barclays Mobile and Ping it at Barclays. ”This Ping it trial in a very London black cab extremely demonstrates the massive potential for mobile payments as they gain additional widespread use.”

By 2020, twenty million adults are expected to be mistreatment their smart phones to acquire the product, the Centre for Economic and Business analysis predicts.

Since its 2012 launch, the Barclays app has been accustomed transfer quite £500m.

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