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UK attempting to fight off EU road safety rules

eu-road-safety-rulesNew (EU) European Union road safety rules could see vehicles fitted with a speed restriction system that would automatically keep drivers to the speed limit.

Under the plans, vehicle manufacturers would be required to fit systems to detect limits through cameras or satellites, while older motorists would be required to have the system fitted retrospectively.

However, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, has instructed officials to try and fight off the move ahead of the proposals being formally put to the European Commission in the autumn.

A government source claimed Mr McLoughlin is keen to resist the regulations.

“To be forced to have automatic controls in your car amounts to Big Brother nannying by EU bureaucrats,” the source added.

The Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology can either warn drivers to brake by sounding an alarm, slow the car but provide a manual override option, or just stop the car going any faster than the speed limit.

Several road safety charities have said they would welcome audible speed alerts, but noted that limiting speed automatically could create dangers of its own.

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