Black CabYesterday, over 10,000 black cab taxi drivers descended central London to blockade the roads in protest against the taxi app service, Uber. The rally organized by the accredited Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) & supported by different business groups like the Rail, Maritime & Transport Union (RMT) & the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC).

The protesters insisted that Uber & similar apps are sidestepping regulation & efficiently providing a hail-down & metered taxi service; one thing solely accredited black cabs are allowed to follow below current British laws. Uber provides commuters with a birds-eye read of getable cars for personal rent, calculates the fare of their journey & books a cab straight off. The app additionally handles the payment electronically, that means that no exchange of funds is critical between traveler & driver.

Outrage was initial sparked once Transport for London (TFL) granted Uber a private-hire license. The cabbies insist that Uber is efficiently providing a black-cab service with not of the right regulation. TFL has wanted to die the dispute to the state supreme court within the hope that a pro-Uber judgment will reach.

It is a classic clash between new abilities & an old business model. The information, the need that London cabbies learn each street & landmark in inner London, was rendered obsolete by GPS ability. The sole barrier defensive black cabs from competition were the regulation regarding hail-down taxi services. Currently, that apps like Uber have with success bypassed this regulation, it’s like time is being known as on black cab drivers privileged position within the market.

Recognizing that advocator arguments alone wouldn’t win a lot of support, Steve McNamara, a representative of the LDTA & a number one figure of the protest, insisted that, in permitting Uber to work independently, TfLs actions were dangerous. This concentrate on safety has become a revenant argument in transport strike action. Than attempting to win the general public over to their cause, teams just like the LTDA & RMT like better to attempt & scare them onside. However, this manoeuvre solely reflects disdain for the public: during this case, Londoners ability to calculate risk once mistreatment private-hire taxi services.

In the end, the protest served solely to anger Londoners. It looks probably that the state supreme court can decree favor of TFL & additional injury the demand for black cabs. However by clutching to an obsolete business model & looking forward to scaremongering arguments to form their purpose, the cabbies have solely helped dig their own grave.

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